The Nazi Roots of the ‘Brussels EU’

What you always wanted to know about the ‘Brussels EU’ – But no one dared to tell you

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UK Referendum: What Every Voter Should Know About The 'Brussels EU'

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About this website

The material on this website proves that the European Union’s key architects were recruited from among the same technocrats who had previously designed the plans for a post-WWII Europe under the control of the Nazis and the IG Farben chemical/pharmaceutical cartel.

As a result, the European Union of today is controlled by corporate interests and it is now a matter of public record that multinational corporations have engaged in long-term lobbying strategies to shape European Union policy making in their favour.

The fact that the European Union is not a democracy was further confirmed during the appointment of the first president of Europe, Herman van Rompuy, in November 2009, when the people of Europe were totally excluded from the decision-making process. Instead of holding a presidential election, as would have been the case in any real democracy, Rompuy was invited for a presidential “job interview“ with the so-called Bilderberg group – an elite circle of U.S./European corporate interests under the control of David Rockefeller and chaired by the ex-EU Commissioner and pharmaceutical drug lobbyist Etienne Davignon.

Ironically, of course, in other areas of the world, when presidents are appointed and installed outside of any democratic process, EU leaders have denounced them as dictators and called for free and fair elections to be held.

Logically, therefore, this principle should also apply to the EU. By operating outside the basic principles of democracy, it is now undeniable that the EU is a dictatorship and that, as such, it should be rejected.

This conclusion is further supported by the fact that over 99% of the population of Europe were denied the democratic right to vote on the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ – the “Enabling Act” of the “Brussels EU” – in a referendum, with the European Commission knowing full well that the treaty would have been rejected in most European countries if it had been put to a public vote.

Significantly, therefore, just as with all fully-fledged dictatorships, over the fifty-year history of the EU, the vast majority of people in Europe have been given no opportunity whatsoever to reject their governments’ decisions to sign away their rights and freedoms. And even on the very few occasions that votes have been held, the pro-EU side has almost invariably had the benefit of funding from multinational corporations, the European Commission, or both.

In 1975, for example, the banks, big industrial companies and the European Commission put in very large sums of money to ensure that Britain’s vote on membership of the so-called “Common Market” resulted in a ‘Yes’. Worse still, and as we describe in our book, at no point during the run-up to this referendum was it ever made clear that, for some years prior to the vote, all three major political parties in Britain had been involved in a committee, the “Action Committee for the United States of Europe”, whose longest serving member had been a member of the German Nazi party.

Nevertheless, whilst British hostility towards Europe clearly remains as strong as ever, the fact is that change is only possible if knowledge can be turned into action.

As such, the people of the UK have to make a choice: Either they close their eyes and ignore the historical facts on this website or they recognize their responsibility to act and protect their freedom and independence.

We therefore invite you to share the information on this website as widely as possible.